translated from Spanish: Legally divorced: the new marital status of the controversial Bishop Durán

Installed on a plot on Maipo Island, the controversial evangelical bishop, Eduardo Durán Castro, has been away from the front page of the situation in recent months, after his bulging heritage and some situations in his personal life cemented his fall and they made up for his dismissal as a leader of the Pentecostal Methodist Church.
His court situation hasn’t improved. To this day his heritage – little in keeping with his pasoral life – remains under investigation by the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office and the Internal Revenue Service.
However, in personal terms his life took a turn. By judgment of the Third Family Court of Santiago, dated November 14, his divorce was declared from Raquel Aurora Salinas Cariz, the mother of his children, including Eduardo Durán Salinas, the RN deputy who was favored for years by a generous family «table» with money from evangelical tithing.
Although the former evangelical pastor and Raquel Salinas had been «separated» for almost a decade, the bishop had been in a relationship since 2013 with Ruth Sepúlveda Loyola, a member of the jotabeche cathedral choir and sister of another bishop, Tybalt Sepulda. This relationship in Jotabeche was considered an infidelity and came to light in the midst of a crisis by researching his estate, which brought down the power of the once bishop.
It was at such a time that Durán was forced to acknowledge the affair, under the curious argument that «it is very difficult for a person to be alone, to have to do his own things, to iron his clothes, in short, to make a breakfast in the morning».
At that time, he also confessed to his faithful that he was about to divorce and revealed his plans to marry a second time. Now you have the road absolutely clear for it.

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