translated from Spanish: Segob welcomes family from Israel Vallarta

The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, on Monday received relatives from Israel Vallarta, inthe maximum security prison of Puente Grande, Jalisco, and who was charged with kidnapping in 2005 with French citizen Florence Cassez.
Interviewed at the end of the private meeting, María Guadalupe Vallarta Cisneros trusted that if her brother Israel is followed in the same process as the French citizen, she should also be released, as they have the same judicial path.
He commented that the head of the country’s domestic politics already has knowledge that her brother was arrested for the same crimes as Florence, “we already talked to her (with Sánchez Cordero) about the subject… what benefited her, is going to benefit Israel.”
Vallarta Cisneros reported that the last hearing will be held on 20 January, in which he is expected to give an absolute sentence to his brother, arrested on 9 December 2005. “He is waiting for the instruction to close to proceed to the final judgment.”
“If all goes well, in January we have the last hearing and it would be January 20; if all goes well, we will close the closure and there we will wait for the stage of conclusions both from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, then that of the defender, which is of its own motion and the judgment of the judge that I think the judge has already studied and studied it, because it is a case that is many years old,” he noted.
On his meeting with the head of domestic politics of the country, he commented that “we were heard now after 14 years of seeking justice for Israel. We were kindly cared for by the Secretary of the Governorate, Olga Sánchez Cordero.
“She knows the subject and we are sure that we will be cared for through the tables of justice that Has Governed and there we will work on the case to achieve the freedom of Israel,” she said, in addition to accusing that her brother was tortured and exposed to the media as a criminal.
He stated that justice must be for everyone, regardless of race, color or nationality, “that is why I hope that justice will now be done and follow-up to all who caused serious harm, not only to my family, but to many people in Mexico who suffer from human rights violations and torture.”
Questioned whether the detention in the United States of former Secretary of Security owner Genaro García Luna benefits his brother, commented that “I do not believe. He was arrested in the United States for other crimes.”
But, “I would like him (García Luna) to be tried in Mexico as well, but for the crimes besides all there, who are accused… I’m sad because I hear he’s being respected for his presumption of innocence, and I read that the lawyer wants a cell because he’s sick.
“I don’t know if i’m guilty or not. What I do know is that Israel and the cases of my family and other prisoners who were tortured did not have that privilege of their respect for human rights. I was asked how I felt… but I’m really glad that my brother is suffering what my brother suffered,” he said.
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