translated from Spanish: Tomorrow ombudsperson’s choice for Michoacán will be repeated

Morelia, Michoacán.- Tomorrow Wednesday, December 18, the Extraordinary Session will resume suspended due to the uproar presented last Sunday during the selection of the head of the Michoacán Commission on Human Rights (ECHR).
This was learned by leaking a document recording the meeting between the coordinators of the different parliamentary fractions in the Political Coordination Board of the Local Congress (JUCOPO).
According to the text, the members discussed the replenishment of the second round of voting to elect the Ombudsperson, which ended in an organized squabble and starring Marco Polo Aguirre Chávez, Javier Paredes Andrade, Miriam Tinoco Soto, Ernesto Núñez Aguilar, Eduardo Orihuela Estefan, Wilma Zavala Ramírez (these last three coordinators of the PRI, PVEM and the Parliamentary Representation), and ended up joining Yarabí Avila González.
The president of JUCOPO, Javier Estrada Cárdenas, justified that the second round of votes should not be taken into account as they were altered, as four extra votes appeared in the ballot box, which discredits the process and cancels them.
The governed coordinators were completely opposed by claiming that the president’s proposal goes against the Organic Law of Congress, and they demanded sanctions for Beatriz Barrientos García, Secretary of Parliamentary Services who became involved in a squabbling with Yarabí Avila by the ballots.
The vote in the JUCOPO was divided but finally it was decided to repeat the vote for president of the ECHR, thanks to the votes of Araceli Saucedo Reyes, Teresa López Hernández, Brenda Fraga Gutiérrez and Javier Estrada, 4– 3 votes.
In the end, neither “pregnant” the urn, nor taking the rostrum, nor early in the plenary, served to prevent the independents, part of priists and panists, and a green, from repeating the second round of suffrage.

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