translated from Spanish: With a Christmas cape and hat, Añez delivers gifts to children in Bolivia

La Paz.- Dressed in a Santa hat and a Christmas cape, Bolivia’s transient president, Jeanine Añez, on Tuesday presented gifts to dozens of low-income children, with wishes for better days for their country and better life opportunities for minors.» For all of us it is a special Christmas because we have managed to pacify the country, because God will allow us to have better days for Bolivia,» Añez said at the gift-giving ceremony held at the Burnt Palace in La Paz.

Dozens of children from La Paz and the neighboring city of El Alto, some with their parents, gathered in the hall of the Burnt Palace, waiting for the interim president to distribute the gifts that included balls, dolls and cars. Añez greeted visitors dressed in a white two-piece suit that was complemented by a red cape with green details on the edge and a Santa hat.

Añez wears a Christmas hat and cape. / EFE.

«The birth of the child God is very special in our country, I hope that it will be a nice party and that next year it will be much nicer for all of us and that it will provide better opportunities for all the children of Bolivia,» she said. Añez also thanked the private entrepreneurs of La Paz and the National Chamber of Commerce, among other institutions who donated gifts for children.

Añez (2-d). / EFE.

«The entrepreneurs on this occasion we reached the children of the city of El Alto and La Paz so that with their smile and joy we will be strengthened and we continue to fight for the new generations,» said the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Rolando Kempff.Al to finish the speeches, the children received the gifts from the president and her assistants, who also wore Christmas hats.

The children received gifts from the president. / EFE.

Bolivia experienced a social and political crisis after the failed elections on 20 October. After two days in which the country was plunged into a power vacuum, Ñez assumed on 12 November the interim presidency by activating as a senator the succession mechanism that left the then officialism behind the resignation of Evo Morales, who denounced a coup d’état to overthrow him, and of all those constitutionally authorized to replace him.

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