translated from Spanish: Bees end a man’s life in Lazarus Cardenas

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán.- A senior man died on his way to a local hospital due to several bee stings he suffered while doing his daily activities in an orchard, located in the community of Acalpican de Morelos in this municipality of Lazaro Cardenas, was known in the news work.
At the time of being bitten by the insects, the relatives of the citizen put him in a vehicle of his property with the intention of taking him to a nosocomio; however, along the way the lord lost his life, he is an 80-year-old person, of whom the respective authorities did not reveal his generals.

The motor, a white one, was parked next to the Barra de Santana bridge and so far came the staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Lazaro Cardenas to take over the lifting of the body and its transfer to the local facilities of the Service Medical Forensics, where he would be practiced with the necropsy of rigor.
The loved ones of the financier told the police that a swarm of bees arrived in the aforementioned orchard and they wanted to call the firefighters to remove it, but the octogenarian asked them not to disturb them; however, at one point he was attacked by the insects with the outcome referred to above, detailing official voices.

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