translated from Spanish: College of Chemistry questioned report that reported presence of caustic soda in the launching trolley

The Board of Directors of the Chilean College of Chemicals A.G. issued a statement referring to the report of the Health In Resistance Movement (MSR) that denounced the presence of pepper gas and caustic soda in the water of Carab’s lanzagua cars ineros.» We deeply regret the lack of rigorousness in the preparation of the report entitled Molecular Determination and Physicochemical Effects, prepared by Francisca Leiva Monet, molecular chemistry of an independent laboratory,» they said. In doing so, they ensured that a number of «vices» were observed in the preparation of the study. «The laboratory in charge of the study is not reported; it is not possible to determine who handles the conduct of the analyses, nor the objectives of the analyses clearly,» they begin. In doing so, they add that «no experimental results, no image of the tests performed are shown; the effects of substances possibly found in the sample analysed are presented, however, at no time is the methodology used for the analysis of these or the actual spectra obtained presented». «A large number of references are used tendentially, which, for the most part, lack scientific rigour,» they added, as well as ensuring that «scientific work must obtain answers for society, through certified analyses with clear methodologies, as it is our ethical duty to provide strong evidence to contribute to the search for truth.»

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