translated from Spanish: INDH blames «handtraining» and lack of oversight in Carabineros

On Wednesday, the Senate Human Rights Commission received the Chilean Institute of Chemistry and the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) to analyze the effects of indiscriminate and excessive use of spear gases two by Carabinieri, organisms that exposed their backgrounds around the chemicals used both gas and liquid.
In this regard, the regional director of INDH in Valparaiso, Fernando Martínez, considered that rather than an intentionality of causing harm, burn injuries could be happening due to the «artisanal training» of the staff and the «lack of control» in the processes of recharging liquid in the tanks throws water, both around the chemicals used, and the concentration of them, despite the trades that the INDH has sent to Carabineros and the Ministry of the Interior in order to carry out the audits Corresponding.
«But the reality today is that that water has chemical agents, regardless of which chemical agent it is, beyond the protocol used, whether it is within the norm or not, when we talk about chemical agents we talk about agents that are harmful to health» Held.
«Whatever component it is, the evidence that has been presented today in the people who have been affected, what the Medical College presented, shows us that the chemical that is being incorporated is causing harm, that is the concrete thing,» he emphasized.
The chemist Richard Vargas, for his part, referred to the possible chemical composition of the water used by Carabineros and the possible presence of caustic soda, explaining that the use of chlorine in high concentrations could also produce skin effects similar to that substance, as chlorine has a high level of toxicity and is even standardized in the Environmental Impact Assessment system.
In that regard, it agreed with the political and health responsibility of the ISP for analysing the chemicals used by the uniformed police, noting that this is an issue that directly affects public health.

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