translated from Spanish: Political Trial against Fraudulent Deputies of Michoacán: Citizen Movement

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it has been reported that the Michoacán Citizen Movement requires not only that it be investigated, but also that those who engaged in illegal and fraudulent practices be punished in the selection process of those who will preside over the State Commission on Human Rights.
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That is why they note that the cheating practices incurred by some legislators cannot afford to or overlap, so this cannot be left to impunity.
These reprehensible behaviours have been a constant in this parliamentary term, so that some of the local Members have caused profound damage to the credibility of our institutions, which is dangerous and risky for society.
Those who participate in public life in the state have a responsibility to care for and strengthen credibility in institutions, and not with illegal acts to put them at risk.
On the latter process, since Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán requires that the second round of votes that will be replenished be carried out in a transparent manner, without vices, by nominal, attached to the right, in order to try to regain confidence in the institutions.
Michoacán Citizen Movement frame dwelling that impunity cannot reign in the State Congress, so we insist that local Members who have committed acts of illegality during the votes last Sunday should be prosecuted.

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