translated from Spanish: That’s how thousands of Chileans are participating for a $300 billion well that is drawn on Friday

If you are one of the Chileans who do not yet have a ticket to the largest lottery prize drawn before the end of the year, you are still in time to purchase a ticket through, the messenger website offering tickets from more than 50 lotteries around the world and in which thousands of Chileans are paying for the chance to win a cumulative $400 million (equivalent to more than $300 billion pesos) of the Mega Millions on Friday , a figure that would put anyone on the ranks of the richest people in the country.

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News of a Panamanian who had never set foot on American soil in some time and who won $30 million in the Florida lottery using’s courier service. To which is an Iraqi, who earned $6 million from the accumulated in the lottery in Oregon, United States, having bought his ticket on the famous portal. On that occasion, the news made such an impact that the NBC, CNN and Fox news channels reported the event shocked by the fact that a person living in a country at war more than 10,000 kilometers away would have won a jackpot in the United States through theLotter, and the reports confirmed the fact that the company actually delivers the legitimate tickets to the winners in case they leave lucky.
How is the award collected in the United States?
At the time of claiming the prize, the winner must choose to take the total won by paying a tax amount, or receive millionaire annual payments for 25 years in order to tax much less. In the case of the Iraqi from Baghdad who earned $6 million through theLotter, his choice was to open a bank account in the United States and request annual payments of $250,000 to that account, thereby ensuring that his fortune was handed over to him in installments for avoid dealing with a large amount of money in Iraq, where it would probably have aroused the suspicions of unscrupulous people putting their lives at risk.

It should be clarified that theLotter is not directly involved in the award, it only provides the courier service taking the winner to the place where the lucky ticket has been purchased and offering the user the free services of a lawyer who advises when collecting money at the official lottery branch.
Only when the winner does not obtain the travel visa, theLotter claims the amount obtained and transfers it to the user’s bank account.
How is it possible for a lottery to deliver such a big prize?
Since October the Us Mega Millions has been accumulating to reach an extraordinary sum of $400 million in the next draw, an amount that sounds exaggerated, equivalent to what President Sebastián Piñera would win if he exercised in his position for 2,600 years (as he earns $153,600 a year).
Unlike most lotters in the world that increase the value of the prize by a fixed sum in each draw, the American lotters available in theLotter can deliver exorbitant prizes as their regulation does not define caps on the amounts they can accumulate and the amount of prizes is determined by the number of users who buy tickets, i.e. the more buyers there are, the more the value of the wells increases. That’s why in recent days the Mega Millions prize has gone up in tens of millions of dollars in just a few days.
What does gain with your courier service? emphasizes that you do not make any draws or pay out-of-pocket prizes, nor does it charge any commission on the prizes won by your users. Its business model is based on providing the courier service and charging a surcharge for it, this commission is paid by the user at the time of purchasing the ticket.
To this must be added that American laws do not prohibit a foreigner from winning the lottery, and that theLotter has been authorized by the states of Texas and Orégon in the United States to purchase and process tickets purchased by foreigners from all over the world through i nternet.
«There is no discussion, Chileans love to buy lottery tickets, and although the value of tickets in the United States is greater than what people are used to paying for local lotteries, the huge prizes catch their attention and that’s why sales for the Mega Millions and overflowing in Chile,» says Eduardo Guillén, representative for the Hispanic market, adding «at this rate, it would not be uncommon for the next Mega Millions winner to be somewhere in the country, nothing would be more happy to have a Chilean in our winners portfolio» concludes Guillén.
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 Next Grand Draw
The next $400 million Mega Millions prize will be swept this Friday night. All results will be published on the website.

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