translated from Spanish: 14 measures to improve air quality by 2020

To reduce polluting emissions that harm the health of citizens, and for climate change emissions to decrease in the Valley of Mexico, 14 measures were presented this Friday to improve air quality in the Metropolitan Zone.
The Megalopolis Environmental Commission (Came) announced that from 2020 14 measures will be implemented to open for consultation, following last May’s environmental crisis.
One of the measures is that a new scheme will be implemented to grant the double zero hologram for up to four years to units of better technologies and lower emissions.
The hologram shall be delivered for up to four years to vehicles complying with known T2B5 regulations or EuroV emissions, which have a yield of 16 km per litre.
The «exempt» hologram will be given to all vehicles that are electric or hybrid, with the particularity that a section of their mobility has been with electric energy

In addition, the order of the movement of freight transport is provided, with restriction on timetables.
Extensiblely polluting vehicles will also be detected and sustainable mobility will be promoted.
As of March 2020, there will be a restriction on the movement of cargo vehicles from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 10:00 hours.
Víctor Hugo Páramo Figueroa, holder of the Came, detailed that among the main measures is the reduction in the distribution and use of LP gas, improve the quality of gasoline and supervision at stations.
The provisions provide best practices for fire management and fire prevention with coordinated actions between all units; in the industrial sector, control in emissions and use of clean fuels is proposed.
Páramo Figueroa considered reducing emissions from urban maintenance, by requesting that at least 10% of the machinery have particulate filters.
For her part, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that it is expected to reduce 30% of pollutant emissions in the next five years.
It recalled that these measures considered companies, oil, petrol stations, forest fire prevention, construction machinery, cargo vehicles, public transport and technological innovation.
Here are the 14 measures:
1. Reduction of emissions in the industry in the distribution of L.P. gas.
2. Reduction of volatile organic compounds in coatings and household products.
3. Inspection and strategic surveillance for emissions control at petrol stations.
4. Distribution of less volatile gasolines in the Megalopolis.
5. Best practices for fire management and fire prevention.
6. Emissioncontrol and use of clean fuels in the industrial sector.
7. Reduction of emissions from urban maintenance.
8. Ordering the movement of cargo transport and detection of ostensibly polluting vehicles.
9. Vehicle emission standards.
10. Regulation of emissions of new motorcycles
11. Implementation of a new scheme for the granting of vehicle verification holograms.
12. Promoting sustainable mobility.
13. Increased capacity of sustainable public transport.
14. Technological development to improve air quality.

#EnVivo ▶ Presentation of measures to improve air quality in #ZMVM; with the #JefaDeGobierno, part of its cabinet, @SEMARNAT_MX, @CAMegalópolis, @PROFEPA_Mx and officials of the State of Mexico.
— Government CDMX (@GobCDMX) December 20, 2019

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