translated from Spanish: Chilean military in Haiti reported that girls and women would have been raped and pregnant

The academic portal The Conversation conducted research that also appeared on the portals of The Washington Post and The New York Times, where it denounced blue helmets of the United Nations Stabilization Mission (Minustah) in Hait sexual abuse of women and girls up to 11 years old. All this, in exchange for money or food. Even, according to the background gathered, 216 children whose parents were soldiers from 13 countries were born, including Chile, where officials would be involved in 20% of the cases and would rank fourth on the list of countries that would have committed these abuses. This data is contained in a paper prepared by University of Birmingham history professor Sabina Lee and clinical scientist Susan Bartels of Queen’s University in Canada. In total, 2 thousand,500 Haitians were interviewed to learn about their experiences in relation to peacekeeping missions. «The narratives reveal how girls as young as 11 were sexually abused and impregnated by peacekeepers and then, as one man put it, ‘left in misery’ to raise their children alone, often because parents are repatriated once the embant is known abecause,» the report states.

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