translated from Spanish: Salmon guild suspended participation of companies accused of collusion by the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office

The country’s salmon companies’ guild, SalmonChile, decided to suspend the participation of the four food producers, against which the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office filed an injunction with the Tribunal de la Libre Competencia (TDLC) for collusion.
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«While we understand that companies denounced by the Public Prosecutor’s Office have the right to due process and to file their disclaimers with the Court of Defense of Free Competition (TDLC), we have decided to suspend their participation in SalmonChile to be at least today and at least at least until that court rules on the facts,» the trade union group said.
The National Economic Prosecutor’s Office in its request, accused that the companies Biomar Chile S.A., Comercializadora Nutreco Chile Limitada, Ewos Chile Limitada and Vitapro S.A, all producers of food for salmon, agreed to set prices between the years 2003 and 2015 and asked for a fine of 30,000 tax units per year (UTA) each, totaling approximately $70 million.
From the guild they further said that «we have an obligation to emphasize that our salmon-producing companies are potential victims of this collusion, as they would be the main affected» and ensured that they share the «outrage that this complaint provokes in public opinion.»
«We call for this case to be resolved within reasonable timeframes and for appropriate measures to be implemented,» SalmonChile said.

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