translated from Spanish: Two body-shot bodies are found in the «Old Road to La Huipana»

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José Sixto Verduzco, Michoacán.- The corpses of two men who had gunshot projectile injuries were found by locals lying in a gap popularly known in this region as «Old Road to La Huipana». People immediately called the respective authorities and the case is already being investigated by the experts of the Michoacán State Attorney General’s Office.
The above was known thanks to the information provided by police sources to this medium. In the face of what happened, the public security agents arrived to guard the scene and the baton of the inquests was taken by the experts of the Prosecutor’s Office, who carried out the collection of evidence and conducted various interviews and then took care of the lifting the bodies and moving them to the morgue.
Voices close to the matter commented to this draft that the deceased did not bring any documents among their belongings that would allow their generals to know, they added that one of them is between 25 and 30 years old; She wore a red T-shirt, a blue denim short, a green fabric belt and grey socks.
They also added that the second of the financiers is also about 35 years old, who wore a blue denim trousers and a blue jacket. Likewise, the locals of the area stated to the representatives of the law that they did not identify the victims as potential inhabitants of the place. Police commandos commented that the loved ones of the deceased are expected to come to the amphitheatre to claim them.

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