translated from Spanish: With more than 20 bullets, they killed young men at the Stase, Culiacan

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- When he left a convenience store with several items he had purchased for a meeting, a young man was surprised by one or more subjects who shot him at least 22 times with a .9-millimeter-caliber weapon, falling dead to a side of the vehicle where he intended to climb the items into the trunk. At the close of this edition, the victim had not been identified, but was reported to be approximately 23 years old and wearing black denim trousers and a red sack.

The report
At 9 p.m. the report came to the emergency numbers that a shooting was being recorded on the Republic of Brazil boulevard and Calle Comunicaciones of the Stase colony, in front of the Stadium of the Dorados. Police elements guarding the northern sector immediately moved to the site, finding a person on the pavement, on the side of a vehicle, who was seen as gunshot wounds, so they requested the presence of the Red Cross to make it auxiliary. Moments later paramedics arrived, but they could no longer do anything for him, as he no longer had vital signs. In the circumstances, preventives gave notice to the State Attorney General’s Office to take charge of the case, and subsequently delimited the area to safeguard possible evidence. Versions
On the facts where the young man died, it was mentioned among some present that the victim left the store, and when pretending to accommodate the items inside the trunk, which was left open, a guy got out of a vehicle that was parked on the street Communications and began shooting him at a distance of ten meters, so the unfortunate tried to save his life and threw away the items, but the alleged criminal approached at close range and shot him at point-blank range on at least twenty occasions with a .9-caliber weapon. lyrics. After the action, the subject climbed into the unit where another individual allegedly expected him and they fled. Errands
After a few minutes, Research and Expert staff arrived at the site and began lawmaking, taking images of the red Sonic vehicle, which was seen as several bullet impacts on bodywork and crystals on the co-pilot’s side; as well as the corpse, which lay within a metre of the unit.

From the area of the attack were collected 22 percussive shell casings of .9 mm caliber, which were integrated into a research folder. The body was lifted by staff from the Forensic Medical Service to take it to the amphitheatre and perform the corresponding studies.

Original source in Spanish

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