translated from Spanish: A family discovers an owl in their Christmas tree

ATLANTA (AP) — A family heard a real shwim in their Christmas tree: More than a week after they bought it, they found a live owl huddled between the branches. Katie McBride Newman said Friday that she and her daughter saw the bird on December 12. They had bought the tree 3 meters (10 feet) high from a Home Depot store, and took it to their Atlanta home to decorate it with lights and, coincidentally, owl ornaments.

«It was surreal, but we weren’t scared,» McBride Newman said. «We are people who like to be outdoors. We love nature.» The family opened the windows and doors near the tree in the hope that the owl would fly away, but it did not.» The owl seemed to be quite comfortable and I thought, ‘Hey, buddy, this isn’t going to work out if you just stay there. There’s no food, I’m sorry,'» said Billy Newman, husband of Katie McBride Newman. The Chattahoochee Nature Center caught the bird and helped the family free it. McBride Newman said he believed the owl had been in the tree since they bought it, but it was hidden.» We think he was just stuck to the trunk there,» he said. «It’s a very leafy tree and it was still very fresh. That’s why we chose him.»

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