translated from Spanish: Colo Colo officialized return of Matías Fernández: «It is a happiness to return»

The national midfielder Matías Fernández gave his first impressions as colo Colo’s new reinforcement for the 2020 season, on his return to the popular cast after 13 years.» For me it’s a happiness to come back, after a long career. I am very excited, the same one I had when I arrived at Colo Colo at 12 years old, so I want to,» said the Best of America in 2006.In addition, the 33-year-old flyer stated that «I am eager to return to training, to be in the Monumental Monumental , to feel people, to be able to play. Very excited.» Continuing his feelings of playing again for the ‘Cacique’, the former Villarreal, Sporting Lisbon, Fiorentina, among other teams, noted that «I have the illusion of enjoying every match and every workout and the time will tell what we are prepared for».» The colocolino fan has always expressed his affection and his love to me, and grateful of them. And in the years when I haven’t been here I’ve followed the team as a fan,» he said. Meanwhile, the ‘Mati’ affirmed his desire to win new titles with the Albos. «That’s the dream, for some reason they tell Colo Colo the eternal champion. As I said before enjoy every workout, every match and that leads you to achieve the goals». Finally, when it comes to giving a message to the club’s fans, Fernandez stated that «I am very happy to be here, which I hope to feel the support of everyone. I promise to give everything, prepare myself to the fullest, thank you and I hope you will continue to support the popular. Hug and blessings.»

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