translated from Spanish: Australia’s president apologizes for being on vacation while the country was on fire

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologized for going on holiday amid one of the worst waves of wildfires. The representative, who was in Hawaii with his family, interrupted the trip and returned to Australia after days of criticism and protests over his absence and lack of leadership in the face of a crisis this week that has caused four deaths. «I have returned from my vacation and I know that these have caused great anxiety in Australia, and Jenny and I are aware of it,» Morrison said at a press conference, which accepted the criticism she received for her absence, which had not been officially announced.
«I understand the anger of people knowing I was on vacation with my family while their families were under great pressure. (…) To those Australians I have let my down, added the leader, who said he would have to have made different decisions.
Fires and climate change
Morrison, who spoke to the press after visiting the New South Wales State’s Rural Fire Service barracks in Sydney, admitted the link between fires and climate change, but reiterated that his government will not change its policy against warming Global. «Our government and I have always recognized the connection between weather events and fires to the impact of global climate change,» the leader said.
However, the representative stressed that climate change is just one of the factors that have caused the fires alongside drought, preventative burning and intentional fires, and rejected the demands for his Government to change its plans.
Morrison said Australia «takes its charge» in the fight against global warming and that its government will meet its commitment to reduce polluting gas emissions by 26 percent by 2030 compared to 2005. «But what we will not do is act rashly or in crisis or panic mode. A panic-based approach and response doesn’t help. It puts people in danger,» the representative said.

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