translated from Spanish: Carambola between 3 cars wreaks havoc on traffic on south exit

Mazatlán.- A carambola-like accident occurred at the exit south of Mazatlan, in the Luis Donaldo Colosio Libramiento, in the Emiliano Zapata colony, at the height of a well-known refaction. Three units were involved in the automobile miscecane. A car Honda Civic, white, Spark dark green and a red Kia Rio. Aid corporations were alerted at 8:40 p.m. 


The Kia driver, who works as An Uber and was heading down the aforementioned rúa from north to south, said the slingshot was transiting from south to north, then jumped the dressing room, hit it head-on and caused it to crash into the Spark.A family of three were traveling on the Uber , a couple and a girl. The lady, due to her injuries, was transferred by Red Cross paramedics, who arrived at the scene to provide the necessary medical care to the passengers. Drivers of the other two vehicles had no serious injuries and went under their own feet. 


A light pole was knocked down at the crash site, and municipal traffic police officers set about spilled vehicle liquids, so that no incident scans will occur. Vehicle insurers came to the site to de-alface responsibilities and remove the costs of the road accident.

Original source in Spanish

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