translated from Spanish: Contradictions in combating corruption

EXONERATION TO BARTLETT. One of the main flags in the campaign, and in the government exercise of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is the fight against corruption, so it was committed and ratified in the speech of protest of the president of Mexico; however, the government’s «mode» and exoneration research by the Secretariat of the Civil Service for Manuel Bartlett contrasts with this discourse. In the eyes of many Mexicans, Manuel Bartlett represents a stain of the old PRI in the Government of the 4T, even, when his appointment was given, Tatiana Clouthier herself questioned her appointment, because Bartlett is remembered for her questionable role as secretary of Governance in the cabinet of Miguel de la Madrid, when the system «dropped» of the counting of electoral votes and the fraud against Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas was engineered in 1988. In addition, for the Maquío family, the almighty former secretary of the Governorate was involved in his tragic accident. Beyond that, Bartlett has been a priist for most of his political life; he was secretary of the Governorate with Miguel de la Madrid, and the main character in one of Mexico’s most contested elections. Secretary of Education in one of the PRI’s most repressive and corrupt governments, that of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was governor of Puebla, and senator for the PRI, a party he resigned until 2006, and then ran for the Senate by the PT and join the campaign and AMLO. The worst thing is that the Secretariat of the Civil Service, in charge of Irma Eréndida Sandoval, tarnishes and contradicts the promise of the fight against corruption made by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because the alleged investigation was made on the more than 28 properties of the Bar family Tlett and the origin of their fortune is a mockery and debunked by the transparency and honesty they promised to defend and practice. Or not? THE OPPOSITE. Besides, the president’s spokesman, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, will come out to defend the indefensible, as is Eréndida Sandoval’s light investigation in the Bartlett case, it is also a contradiction that reminds us of Virgilio Andrade, when he was entrusted with the investigation into Enrique Peña Nieto’s «white house,» and which similarly concluded that «there was no conflict of interest.» Bad, very badly, that the Government of the 4T applies various rods to measure corruption, depending on the character involved, and that some of their opponents accuse them for their acts of the past, and friends and allies to exaggerate them despite their obvious excesses and conflicts of in you, like in the case of Manuel Bartlett, or not? Worse still that President López Obrador, a day after the controversial exoneration of Bartlett, appears tasting a barbecue next to the questioned director of the CFE, and with Santiago Nieto, owner of the Financial Intelligence Unit, who also belongs investigate the origins of fortunes that are pointed out as ill-gotten. As well as believing that the fight against corruption will be even? By the way, many close to the 4T government feasted and presumed the arrest of Genaro García Luna as a sign that the fight against corruption was serious now, but García Luna was arrested on the basis of an indictment and investigation from the Es government Mexico had neither a research folder nor any charges against it. Be?

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