translated from Spanish: Details of the Big Data report the Government handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for social mobilizations

Details of the report were released this Sunday by the social outburst that the Ministry of the Interior made and presented this week to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The document, according to La Tercera, has an extension of 112 pages, summarizing the behavior of social networks. All this since October 18th. since October 18. On the occasion, Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel stated that «extraordinarily sophisticated information was delivered from analysis with big data technologies, with information technologies.» In this sense, the big data analysis analyzed nearly five million unique authors who have generated 60 million comments in a period of time spanning October 18, the day the government invoked the State Security Act , and November 21. Within this, 19.3% of the inquired comments are located outside the country, and would have fallen after «million-dollar march.» In particular, they characterized five opinion and influence groups that would be international. Among them are the Russian television channel «Actualidad RT» and the Venezuelan TeleSur. They also warn of Argentine Kirchnerism and Peronism. Another group «are K-Pop fans,» according to the data. They would be «highly influenced» by digital content such as the one generated by portals such as «Piensa Prensa» and ChileOkulto». He also added as influential to the national star, Mon Laferte and the comedian Paola Molina. On the other hand, it refers to the mentions that had high impact, such as those of faces known as Claudio Bravo and Gary Medel, as well as representatives of the Communist Party and the Broad Front. With this, the data also include the account of «Illustrated Tramp», which became known for publishing Daniel Stingo’s interventions in the morning.

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