translated from Spanish: In an intense and even match Liverpool prevailed against Flamengo in the final of the Club World Cup

Liverpool were proclaimed world club champion on Saturday in the final held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha against Flamengo, thanks to a goal by Firmino in the long run, which housed the European champion over the American champion, or n Brazilian cadre that posed serious distress to the English. Firmino was the hero in the 99th minute, in the third very clear he had in a very even final, and adjusted his countrymen taking advantage of a counter visualized by Henderson and designed by Mané. He didn’t have many of those a Liverpool spark at the start of each part, which he encountered a rival without complexes. In their fourth final, the ‘reds’ premiered their record of world champions, after losing the 1981, 1984 and 2005, in a rematch of the first of them precisely against the Brazilians, to succeed three years of Real Madrid’s reign. Flamengo, an epic Champion of the Copa Libertadores at the end of November, grazed a new golden chapter and even had the tie in the 119th minute.The English draw wanted to intimidate with its well-known potential, with which it is not only reigning European champion but currently march to a level that is difficult to compare. The Premier’s leader besieged in 10 minutes, first with a hand-to-hand signature from Firmino, with a keita’s one and a front shot from Arnold. The Flamengo recomposed in defence and began to generate arrivals through Henrique.The Liverpool lost intensity and concentration and Gabriel Barbosa ‘Gabigol’ forced the first stops of Alisson. After the break he again forgave Firmino and quickly deflated the European champion. Flashes of Salah or Mané were not enough to break the encounter that seemed more controlled by the Brazilians. ‘Gabigol’ even tried it as Chilean until a final English siege. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s injury was a stop page that cooled the Americans and spurred the Europeans, looking for another ‘in extremis’ goal like the one that gave them the pass to this final against Monterrey. Nor did he get to match Klopp’s cornet touch, although the VAR rescued Jorge Jesus’, canceling a penalty from Rafinha to Mané marked by the collegiate in the 91st minute.In the extra tee, in the midst of Brazilian rule, came the goal. It was Firmino, although Henderson and Mané’s move was left on a platter. He didn’t give up Flamengo and young Lincoln had the tie at the last minute, but he shot down something that’s been beaten by a pass of death. Six-time European champion finishes his World Cup gaffe

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