translated from Spanish: In front of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, at least seven local deputies have gone to report

Morelia, Michoacán.- At least seven local deputies have attended the Attorney General’s Office of the State (FGJE), to file allegations of alleged crimes against them, so disclosed by the owner of the autonomous body, Adrián López Solís.
The terms under which it has been reported range from theft, threats and even leaking conversations.
According to the Prosecutor, the most recent complaint was filed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Antonio Madriz Estrada, for the abduction of documents, during the failed election of the Ombudsperson, last Sunday, December 15, at the Extraordinary Session of the Michoacan Congress.
Salvador Arvizu Cisneros also reported to the FGJE, «against whoever is responsible», for threats and harassment, during and after carriers expressed violence against a new law on public transport.
Among the other complaints of legislators is the case of Javier Paredes Andrade, who was robbed of the inside of his home, one and a half million pesos in cash; by attacks on honor, through the leak of apocryphal conversations between the Priists Marco Polo Aguirre Chávez and Eduardo Orihuela Estefan; for damage to private property, independent Wilma Zavala Ramirez reported last February; and Sergio Báez Torres also filed a complaint, after a group of armed men stripped him of his van.

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