translated from Spanish: Sinaloa MPs approve budget with 133 mdp in reallocations

Sinaloa.- With the proposal of 1113 million pesos reallocated, and in an alternate venue, local deputies voted the Income and Budget Act of 2020. After more than twelve hours of waiting for the Committee on Finance to rule on the draft opinion, the legislators finally voted on the budget the following year; however, for lack of conditions in the legislative plenary, they were forced to resume the session in a famous hotel in the city of Culiacán.

On the edge of midnight
Until 00:00 hours today, the Committee on Finance officially concluded the opinion, and issued it to the Board of Directors, but they were already working in coordination with the Secretary of Administration and Finance from the early hours of yesterday. The opinion was voted with four votes in favour of five that make up that committee, due to the absence of the DEPUTY of the PAN, Jorge Iván Villalobos; however, his partner, Roxana Rubio, stated that the legislator did sign the opinion, but that he did not continue in the meeting because of health problems.

By a majority, the opinion was adopted in general and in particular, with 36 votes in favour and three against, at the end of 01:30 a.m. The Morena bench reported on the reallocation of 1113 million pesos from the initial proposal made by the Executive.The issues impeding the opinion of the initiative had to do with some inaccuracies of the project in the annexes section, according to with the statements of PRI deputy Faustino Hernández, who at 21:00 hours on day of antier declared on the subject. While the commission’s president, Maria Victoria Sanchez, explained about the reallocated resources, which were modified from the governor’s initiative. Lawmaker Hernández Alvarez stated that it was considered to grant resources to all requests of non-conforming social groups; however, he merely abounded on the total amount of such reallocations: “Support comes for all items, for all sectors; we don’t have the exact figure right now, but the amount is going to come out, and we’re covering all sectors,” he said. After dissdating remaining in the legislative precinct, the rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera, stated that he was notified by Deputy Faustino Hernández that the possibility of reallocating resources to the UAS had been exhausted within the Commission: “We have already waited enough hours, we will wait for official notification. Let’s go with this idea that the UAS will be supported; and if it looks the way the Executive sent it, that’s how we looked good,” he said. He said they would settle for the increase of 100 million pesos by 2020, already granted by the governor of the state in his draft budget, and that, therefore, they will receive a total of 6 billion pesos between federal and state resources.

They impede access
The hotel was taken by local lawmakers as an alternate venue to meet the groups that had been demonstrating at the State Congress, who tried to enter the venue, which was prevented by the security personnel of the same.

In the face of this, the Morenist deputies Pedro Villegas Lobo and Beatriz Zárate argued with the vigilantes, asking that they let the protesters pass, which was not granted to them.

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