translated from Spanish: South Korean news agency mentioned references to K-pop in government ‘Big Data’ report

The mention of K-pop in the Government’s Big Data report to the Public Prosecution Service crossed borders and arrived directly in South Korea, the country where this musical genre originated.
There, the country’s main news agency called Yonhap, made a note entitled «K-Pop behind the protests in Chile?: Criticism of the report of the Chilean government», which collects the reactions of opposition parliamentarians such as Marcelo Díaz (PS) and Karol Cariola (PC), in addition to the statements of the government’s spokeswoman, Karla Rubilar, who said that «there is a lot of foreign influence that encourages violence».
«The highlight of the report are K-pop fans» in some groups opposed to President Sebastián Piñera, the note of the South Korean agency stood out.
«According to the report, young internet users encouraged protest through more than 4 million retweets during the first 8 days of demonstrations, and identified them as K-pop fans,» they said.
The note adds that «the report also explained that these groups of K-pop fans laughed or ironized with the suspicion that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was behind the protests, and that these young people were heavily influenced by media independent communication.»

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