translated from Spanish: Guevara on tightrope: opposition announces constitutional accusation against mayor after ‘preventive copay’

The policy of «preventive copay» of the Intendent of the Metropolitan Region Felipe Guevara, again ended in failure. The ineffectiveness of the procedure was revealed on three fronts: it failed to prevent protesters from mass «coparating» the so-called Dignity Square, violence in the vicinity again escaped control.
The death of a 40-year-old man who was electrocuted while escaping Carabineros and the image of the Alameda Art Center on fire – following the launch of a tear bomb into the scene – marked the day of demonstration on the last Friday of the year in the sector. Opposition parliamentarians confirmed that they are preparing a constitutional indictment against the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara, for the effects of his «zero tolerance with unauthorized demonstrations» strategy.
The initiative, which they hope to formally deliver on Monday, points to Carabineros’ «preventive copay» in the Plaza Italia sector, dictated by Guevara, to prevent the authority from holding acts of protest snot-visa.
«Everything seems to indicate that the accusation against Mayor Guevara is imminent,» said the head of the Christian Democracy deputies’ bench, Gabriel Ascencio according to The Cooperative Radio Slogan. The Parliament was also told that there was a broad opposition unity on this issue.
«The events that occurred over the last two Fridays, the decision to restrict constitutional guarantees are, in our view, the responsibilities of him and other authorities,» Ascencio added, emphasizing that «the prosecution has moved.
The parliamentarian said that this Sunday or Monday they will have the libel ready and fully drafted. «All opposition lawyers are working and all the bosses are going to be in a position to sign,» he said.
The arguments of the indictment against Guevara are the violation of the right to free meeting and its political responsibility in the serious incidents of the last two Fridays in the central sector of the capital.
The words of the head of the DC bench were added by communist MP Daniel Núñez, who pointed to Guevara as someone who has had an intention to «frighten» people.
«He has called for absolutely inordinate repression. An example of this was yesterday, where again there was this intimidating deployment, (with which) it is sought to frighten,» Núñez said.
«We have to go back to Congress on Monday to bring together the opposition benches, see the political will, we’ve managed to build a majority (…) we’re going to work to bring this constitutional accusation,» the PC MP added.
«I think it’s a very big irresponsibility»
In Guevara’s defense, his match came out. The head of the National Renewal bench, Jorge Rathgeb, questioned the initiative and emphasized that this tool should be used as a last resort.
«Again the opposition resorts to a mechanism that, while true we have the powers to be able to control, there are a number of other previous tools that must be used before resorting to constitutional impeachment (…) I think it’s a very big irresponsibility,» he told the radio.
«The neighbors have the right to have their city work»
Asked about the possibility of the prosecution being carried out, Guevara defended his decision, which, in his view, is based on the intention of «returning the city to the neighbors of the Metropolitan Region».
«The neighbors of the Metropolitan Region have the right to have their city function, and for it to function there must be public order. That is the mission that with Carabineros, the POI, the Prosecutor’s Office and the courts – each in its role – we have: to return the city to the neighbors,» he said.
«Although we were coming to a considerable and obvious improvement in public order in the Plaza Italia sector, yesterday we had acts of violence that we obviously condemn, and we will continue to work to restore public order,» Guevara emphasized, noting that constantly meets with police forces to best address the mobilizations that develop.

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