translated from Spanish: Tips for tackling the cold and taking care of your health

The cold sticks, the jackets come out of the closets and the hot drinks are necessary to cope with the low temperatures.
In the case of the capital of the country, in the Twitter account of Civil Protection you can consult when there are alerts in the mayors, because of the cold. They are of different colors, from yellow to purple, depending on the intensity of the climatic phenomena.
In addition to being alerted and recommendations specific to the authorities, here’s a little practical guide to dealing with the cold:
What is recommended to eat or drink?
This season is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin C and D (fruits and vegetables), such as guava, strawberry, citrus and seasonal fruits, in addition to drinking plenty of liquids.
Authorities also recommend using cream to hydrate and protect the skin from the cold.
How to warm up properly?
Among IMSS’s recommendations for the cold season is the wearing of warm clothing that covers the head, mouth, hands and nose, especially in the cases of people who use public transport for their transfers.
It is also recommended to wear closed shoes, so that you can be protected from bad weather from head to toe.
When there are alerts, Civil Protection of Mexico City usually recommends that people wear at least three layers of clothing, preferably cotton or wool.
The IMSS also advises «preventing children and older adults from doing outdoor activities during the day or night, at times when the cold is most extreme.»

Beware of the way you heat your home
Civil Protection in Mexico City warns about the risks of using heaters, anafres and/or fireplaces, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and asks you to follow these guidelines:

In cold season if you are looking to heat your home with heaters, anafres and/or fireplaces, keep these recommendations in mind to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
— CDMX Civil Protection (@SPCCDMX) November 15, 2018

If you’ve already had a cold, how should you take care of yourself?
Go to a public or private clinic, or even a pharmacy that has service with a top-notch health specialist, as it is advisable to always avoid self-medication.
«A common cold can get complicated and cause pneumonia,» the IMSS warns.
People who already have a respiratory illness, the health authorities say, «should cover with the back of the forearm nose and mouth when sneezing; constantly wash your hands and store paper tissues used to clean the mucus and place them in a suitable place to prevent them from being left outdoors in a bag.»
During the cold season, from November to February, the IMSS indicates, cases of people with allergies and the development of asthma, particularly among children and young people, are increasing, so they should go to consultation in order to receive the diagnosis and timely treatment.

? ? ? shelter, protect the airways and be vaccinated against #influenza, some recommendations are to prevent seasonal diseases #TemporadaDeFrío
— IMSS (@Tu_IMSS) October 14, 2018

How to sneeze correctly?
Strange or ridiculous as it may seem, many people do not know how to sneeze in a proper way, to avoid contagion.
The correct way to sneeze or cough is to do it toward the inner angle of your arm, or use a disposable handkerchief, and then throw it away. It is inappropriate to cover your hands’ nose when sneezing.
Other tips include washing your hands right away; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and carry a gel or antibacterial wipes.
Health Secretariat graphic

Go to sick work?
Going to the office sick can not only aggravate your symptoms by exposing you to temperature changes and not resting properly, but also causes your job performance to decrease by being less alert and making mistakes, according to the BBC.
Therefore, experts recommend staying at home so that you take a proper break to avoid contagion with your co-workers.
With information from IMSS, Ministry of Health, Civil Protection of the CDMX, WHO and International Red Cross
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