translated from Spanish: Radamés Vazquez from the Nation’s Servers in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Radamés Vázquez Ruiz was dismissed as regional director of the Servers of the Nation of the Ministry of Welfare in Ahome.The official announcement was made yesterday by the federal delegate of Programs for Development in the State of Sinaloa, José Jaime Montes Salas, who announced that in place of Vázquez Ruiz enters Arturo Velázquez Benítez. In a statement, Montes Salas justified the change to “strengthen and strengthen work for the most unprotected communities”. 

Upon the termination, employees of the Ahome Welfare Secretariat demonstrated peacefully outside the unit’s administrative office, located at Gabriel Leyva and Juan de Dios Bátiz in Los Mochis.” Jaime Montes Salas verbally told me that I had ceased my office. When asked why, he told me that because he had already turned one year old, he only told me that. He told me he’s going to put Alfonso Páez Alvarez in place of me. I handed him an article under article 8 to answer my request, asking why he was removed from office and refused. He told me he wasn’t going to sign anything for me,” Radamés Vázquez Ruiz said. However, he did not appoint Páez Alvarez but Arturo Velázquez.He rated his dismissal as unfair and pointed out that he would continue to work until he received official notification of his dismissal and know the causes of his dismissal. Support
In this regard, Isaura Salas Castro, commissioned in the Coordination of Persons with Disabilities, endorsed her support for the federal official, whom she considers a complete and professional person, and stated that her dismissal was irregular. “Changes must be made peacefully and respectfully, in accordance with law, there must be an unrestricted respect for the right that engineer Radamés Vázquez Ruiz has. We consider him to be a loyal, fair person, a professional because he has led the position he holds, because no dismissal in writing was made, it was a verbal dismissal; we consider it to be irregular and unfair. It is an amendment that the President of the Republic has extended through each of the sub-delegations in each municipality.” 

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