translated from Spanish: The tense start of the year of La Moneda: 4 ministers questioned and the shadow of another constitutional indictment

The Coin starts the year and not in the best way. The opposition had surprises and this week, as New Year’s hugs, there is a string of appeals against several ministers of state.
According to Emol, the first to be subjected to this action will be the owner of the Work, María José Zaldívar, who next Tuesday 7 January will be questioned on the pension system, a topic in which the Executive hopes to move forward in the coming days with new Initiatives.
The next day, it is the turn of the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, who will be challenged after professionals in the sector accused the lack of supplies and specialists. The portfolio holder will be consulted on his measures to overcome them. In addition, it will be consulted by resources for the strengthening of health, hospital infrastructure and needs of the public system.
Next, on Thursday, January 9, Ignacio Briones, Minister of Finance, will be challenged by the model of development and role of the State in the economy, the distribution of wealth in the country and public borrowing, among several other matters. The latter measure has been adopted as a way of financing the social agenda.
Last but not least, the week that follows, it is up to The Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, on Tuesday, January 14, who will have to answer for her performance during the controversial COP25 in Madrid, which Chile chaired.
All those mentioned must go to the Chamber of Deputies to answer for the issues related to their portfolios.
Guevara to the bench
The metropolitan mayor is not saved either. Felipe Guevara will be challenged by the «police drinking» in Plaza Baquedano.
Let us remember that on Thursday the opposition announced that the libel will enter that by law a group of no less than 10 and no more than 20 Members will enter. The House must then randomly choose a five-member commission – which cannot include accusers or voting station members – to indicate whether the indictment proceeds or not. Your report, however, is not binding.
Guevara will have 10 days to file his defense with the commission, in person or in writing, for which he must also choose an attorney.
In this way the libel would go to the plenary house, where it will be seen if it meets the requirements established by the Constitution (the so-called previous question).

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