translated from Spanish: Uruguay declared a state of national emergency on gender-based violence

Uruguay’s President Tabaré Vázquez has declared a national state of emergency on gender-based violence in response to «the shock caused by recent acts of violence against women.» In his resolution, Vázquez noted that «all state responses have proved insufficient» and stressed that «the prevalence of gender-based violence remains very high in Uruguay». In this regard, it stressed that this is «a complex structural problem that has shown reaching a plateau that does not shrink», before having to stress that «review of everyday behaviors» is necessary to deal with this situation. The representative further stated that the specific «immediate implementation» measures included «promoting a high-level meeting» to «strengthen the necessary coordinations to make the process of access to justice more efficient for the protection of women, girls, children and adolescents.» It also underlined that the electronic ankle program will be expanded with the purchase of 200 more units to «concomitantly strengthen monitoring equipment» and «protective measures aimed at women and the community in the face of risk will be disseminated imminent life, through Campaigns of Public Good.» Vazquez has detailed the launch of virtual courses «for the promotion of non-violent masculinities» with the aim of «encouraging changes in socio-cultural patterns and contributing to the prevention of gender-based violence», as well as courses to prevent abuse sexual assault sunin scare-cons in children and adolescents. In the same vein, a prison intervention program «for males involving gender-based violence and strengthening strategies for the care and prevention of gender-based violence in women deprived of liberty» will be activated. Finally, the Uruguayan president has also proposed to the incoming authorities a National Emergency Plan for a Life Free of Gender-Based Violence, which contemplates educational actions and the promotion of «cultural changes» to address this situation. Vázquez will be replaced in office on March 1 by Luis Lacalle Pou, who prevailed in the presidential elections in November, ending the 15 years of broad front governments, ten with the current president and five with José Mujica.

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