translated from Spanish: Woman wakes up after seven months in a coma

Ohio, USA. Doctors had already suggested the family disconnect it from the devices that kept it alive. Kertisha Brabson, a mother of two daughters, recounted her experience of waking up from the trance from which she remembers absolutely nothing. The same time she was misdiagnosed by the doctors who treated her.

The 31-year-old woman was fully recovered thanks to the insistence of her mother, who sought until she found the specialist who diagnosed her with NMDA receptor encephalitis, a disease in which antibodies attack the brain cells. Brabson recounted to the WBNS that he first began acting in a strange way, then suffered seizures and eventually went into a coma; of the next seven months, who were hospitalized, she remembers nothing. Doctors declared her “brain-dead,” unable to diagnose her and suggested her mother, Kertease Williams, “disconnect.” After doctors discovered that Brabson had anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, they were unclear how to treat it. Therefore, Williams moved her daughter from hospital to hospital, hoping to find a specialist who could do something for her. Brabson was able to respond favorably to treatment and woke up believing it was the same day he was in a coma, seven months ago.

The nurse was like, “yes, Mrs. Brabson, you’ve been asleep for seven months,” and I was like, does my mom know?”

Brabson and Williams thanked the medical professionals at Wexner Medical Center in The Ohio State for saving his life.

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