translated from Spanish: US criticizes the lukewarmness of its European allies for not supporting its attack in Iraq

Pompeo has compared the European reaction to that of other “partners in the region”, in reference to Israel, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. “I’ve spent the last day and a half talking to allies in the region, explaining what we were doing and why, asking for their help,” Pompeo said at Fox News.” They have all reacted fantastically and then talking to our allies elsewhere… it hasn’t gone so well. Frankly, the Europeans have not been as helpful as I would have liked. The British, the French, the Germans,… you should understand what we’ve done. What the Americans have done has saved lives in Europe as well,” he said. He stressed that “Soleimani and the Revolutionary Guard were committing murders in Europe.” “It’s good for the whole world. We are asking everyone to support what the United States is trying to do to simply make the Islamic Republic of Iran a normal nation,” added the head of American Diplomacy. Iranian General Qasem Soleimaini and Deputy Head of Iraq People’s Mobilization Forces Abu Mahdi al Muhandis were killed Friday along with eight other people in a US Army MQ-9 Reaper drone attack near airport Baghdad.Soleimani was a key figure in understanding Iran’s presence in the region’s major conflicts and the executing arm of the policy of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei. The ayatollah has acknowledged that this is a “bitter loss” for Tehran and has promised “revenge”.

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