translated from Spanish: Iran announced it will stop meeting the limits of the nuclear deal

The Iranian Government announced on Sunday the end of restrictions on the production and enrichment of uranium agreed in the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 in a new and almost definitive departure from its commitments to the pact, accelerated this time in retaliation for the death of General Qasem Solemaini last Friday during a U.S. attack on Iraq’s capital, Baghdad.» The Islamic Republic of Iran will put an end to its final limitations on the nuclear agreement. Therefore, Iran’s nuclear program will remove all restrictions on its uranium production, including the enrichment rate and amount of enriched uranium, as well as the slashes to its research and development,» according to a statement from the National Security Council of Iran, issued at the end of its emergency meeting on Sunday, and collected by the US newspaper The New York Times. According to the same statement, the Iranian government reiterates its commitment to the International Atomic Energy Agency and promises to re-comply with the terms of the nuclear agreement if the United States withdraws all existing sanctions and guarantees its interests.

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