translated from Spanish: Snowfalls in Tarahumara mountain range attract tourists from other countries

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Punctual at 7:30 hours, the Chepe Express departed from Los Mochis station to its destination, the Chihuahua mountains, mainly with tourists interested in getting to know the landscapes offered by this important tourist destination in the north of the country. The main attraction that motivates travelers to make this journey to the mountains is precisely to observe the impressive snowy landscapes that currently offers the route through the Sierra de Chihuahua, confirmed tourists from Spain and Argentina who were interviewed while eagerly awaiting the departure of the train that would take them to this natural destination.

Alejandra Canura, a tourist from Spain, points out that this is the third time she has visited our country and always marvels at the landscapes and cultures that you know in her tours of the various geographical areas of the country. He said that on this occasion he was powerfully caught learning about the destination of Chihuahua, where snowfall presents that offer extremely interesting natural shows that are worth knowing because they are extremely attractive. 

Waiting room. The vacationers were anxiously awaiting the moment when the train was boarding. Photo: Liberty Montoya/ EL DEBATE

“I come for the comments of the people who have spoken to me very well about this area and the Chepe train, which is amazing and I wanted to meet it,” he said. For his part, Ignacio, who claimed to be originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was also excited to make the route to the top of the mountain range on the railway. He pointed out that this is the first time he has visited Sinaloa and already has an impatience to realize the great adventure that is the train ride, since, they say, it is one of the great wonders that you have to know in Mexico.

The exit. Once the boarding order was given, the vacationers left pressuristic with their luggage to board the train. Photo: Liberty Montoya/ EL DEBATE

High season
For his part, Rosalva Delgado Quiñones, general manager of Tourism of the railway line, pointed out that fortunately in this holiday season they have had a very acceptable influx of tourists who have made the train tour to the mountains.

Approach. The vacationers were distributed in the wagons according to the service they contracted with the railway company. Photo: Liberty Montoya/ EL DEBATE

He stated that this had been motivated in large part by the wide dissemination that the same people had made on their social networks of the snowfall that had been presented, which make the tour a very pleasant experience for tourists. He noted that approximately 6 snowfalls receive in each winter season and only 2 have been presented. 

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