translated from Spanish: AMLO Aid member drew weapon in UNTA member protests in Ayala

Morelos.- An alleged member of the AmLO Auxiliary drew a firearm at the height of the protests of members of the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), during AMLO’s visit to the municipality of Ayala, Morelos today.

In the face of this, the aides try to calm the state policeman, who quickly withdraws from the scene after he pointed his gun and other protesters calm him down.
The CES confirmed that the element belongs to its corporation, so the sanction will proceed after the video showed the policeman carrying a gun a few meters from the Anenecuilco kiosk.
Upon arrival at the anenecuilco sports unit, belonging to the municipality of Ayala, Morelos, where he took a work visit on Monday, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador received a warm welcome, surrounded by protests by members of the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), who launched claims to the representative for the exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts of the painting entitled Revolution by the painter Fabián Cháires, as well as the demand for more support to the field.

(UNTA) members complain to AMLO at Morelos #Morelos #DannaCulera #ReyesMagos #RoscaDeReyes #DannaCulera #DannaCulera #LeoEnConvoy #amlo #CES2020
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The group of protesters, led by Jorge Zapata, the revolutionary’s grandson, began pushing other attendees as they tried to deliver their requests.

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