translated from Spanish: Australian fire smoke travels 11,000 kilometres and reaches Chile

The smoke from Australia’s serious fires, considered among the worst of the century with almost six million hectares charred, arrived in Chile on Monday after traveling more than 11,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean, advi Experts were experts.
A trough – a barometric depression that penetrates between two high-pressure zones – would have served as a conduit through which the hummingwater crossed the Pacific to the South American continent.
Meteorologist Edita Amador explained to Efe that smoke can be seen especially in central Chile, where a mist covers a sky that under normal conditions would be clear, and that it is “feasible” that it should remain so until tomorrow.
“In the coming days she is likely to head towards Argentina,” the expert from the Chilean Meteorological Directorate is forecast.
The presence of smoke would not cause any serious effect in Chile, as it is also found in an area where it rarely rains.
The only consequence so far, according to Amador, is a decrease in ultraviolet radiation by the “plug” function that this type of cloud makes.
Wildfires burning in Australia since September 2019 have caused 23 deaths, most of them in late-year fires, and destroyed more than 1,000 homes, half a thousand of them in the past week.
For this reason, the Government announced on Monday that it will allocate US$1.388 million to the recovery of affected areas, where a faint rain today gave a truce to assess the damage after a “catastrophic” weekend.
In addition, it is estimated that at least 480 million animals have been victims of the devastating fires.
The figure refers only to species of a large part of the mammals, birds and reptiles that inhabit the state of New South Wales, which with its 36,000 square kilometers of charred land, an area similar to that of Taiwan, is the most affected by flames.

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