translated from Spanish: Yasna Provoste on gender parity voting in the Senate: “We have to commemorate an international women’s day with clear participation and on an equal footing”

This afternoon, the project that seeks to establish gender parity, indigenous quota and independent participation in the constituent process will be voted on in the Senate room. Fact that has not been without controversy after being rejected at first instance in the vote on the “transitional provisions” on Wednesday 18 December.
After the rejection, a group of parliamentarians introduced a bill so that the initiative from another sidewalk could be raised again on the sidestage. The Chamber of Deputies approved the Gender Parity Project on the afternoon of Thursday, December 19, thus initiating the process for its vote in the Senate. The main detractor of the project from the beginning were the UDI parliamentarians, including its president, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, who argued that his party’s stance was due to the opposition’s imposition of his ideas, since “that issue (parity) does not was within the Peace Agreement” reached on 15 November to hold a plebiscite for a new Constitution.
Regarding this, dc senators’ head of the bench, Yasna Provoste, declared that “the speech and action is concrete. For those who say they want to advance equal opportunities in terms of political participation for women, but who then in parliament use any subterfuge to eliminate those demands that have the best democracies like those that we aspire to build ourselves,” she said.
Last night, the residence of President Sebastián Piñera was again the scene of a key appointment to try to order chile’s ranks Let’s face the fragmentation that parity meant for the government coalition: helmsmen and senators – amid the tension they announced this morning that they “unified ideas.”
Finally, Provoste commented that “we hope that the initiative that was adopted in the Chamber of Deputies will be dispatched quickly and we hope that this 8 March we will be able to commemorate an international women’s day with a clear participation and equal conditions in the next constituent elections,” he said.

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