translated from Spanish: Paper collusion: SCA Chile values Supreme Court ruling because it “strengthens the system of free competition”

On Monday, the Supreme Court condened CMPC Tissue and SCA Chile (former Pisa, now called Essity), for collusion in the tissue paper market, having allocated market share shares and fixing price of sale of these products between 2000 and 2011.
One of those involved in the ruling, SCA Chile, held the Court’s decision, as they stated “categorically that SCA Chile only participated in collusion because CMPC, the dominant company, forced it to participate under duress and threat that the company would be taken from the market, making it economically unviable.” “In doing so, the Court fully supported the consistent approach that SCA Chile has made in relation to this case, from the outset,” they added.
According to the bin, “this is a historic ruling that strengthens the system of free competition and will help prevent dominant companies from taking unfair advantage of the compensated delation to free themselves from the corresponding penalty for the social damage they caused.”
“SCA Chile has pointed out from the outset that any action against free competition is absolutely contrary to its corporate policies and that it has taken all necessary measures to try to prevent such practices from being repeated,” he adds the statement.
Finally, the company claims that it will abide by the ruling, but says it should have been “exempted from any fine as it was the first and only company to meet the legal requirements to access the benefits of cleared delation and, as determined by the Court Supreme, SCA Chile was the only one that collaborated with the authorities with a true version of the facts.”

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