translated from Spanish: Camera approves forming an Investigative Commission for the actions of the Ministry of the Interior, Carabineros and IDP

On Wednesday morning, Mepute Maya Fernandez, together with the Socialist Party Deputies’ bench, presented a Commission of Investigators for human rights violations that occurred since 28 October, the end of the Estad Emergency, to date. The House approved the commission with 76 votes in favour, 39 against and 8 abstentions. The aim of the department is to investigate the Ministry of the Interior, Carabineros and the Investigation Police for violations of fundamental rights. Commission of Investigators on the actions of the Ministry of the Interior, Carabineros and IDP”The most serious events have occurred after the State of Emergency, so it is important to think about the future and that everything that has happened be clarified,” said Mep. Fernández, driver of the initiative. “This commission is of vital importance for this moment that the country is living, so that we never again have dD violations. HH,” added the legislator for the district 10.Fernández, accompanied by her peers, Jaime Naranjo, Emilia Nuyado, Leonardo Soto and Manuel Monsalve, mentioned some emblematic cases that occurred since October 28, particularly those related to eye injuries or hit-and-runs. “The case of Gustavo Gatica (who lost his sight in both eyes by impact of pellets), Oscar Pérez, who was violently run over by two police tanks, also many of the cases of eye loss or eye damage, have occurred after the State of Emergency. We can’t have those cases like this, without background research,” she said. The auditbody was backed by signatures from all opposition parties.

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