translated from Spanish: Qatar’s ambassador to Mexico says the World Cup will be held in his country

Mexico City–The situation involving the United States and Iran has brought about various theories around the world, including that Mexico would be the home of the 2022 World Cup, in the face of possible political problems that Qatar could experience before the United States. For this purpose an interview was requested with the ambassador of Qatar in Mexico, Mohamed Al Kuwari, this was given during the presentation of the Copa Catar-Mexico that celebrates its second edition on Aztec land. You may be interested: World Cup 2022 could be played in Mexico due to conflict between the United States and IranMohamed Al Kuwari believes that everything can change in a short time so it ensures that the World Cup will be held as planned from the beginning, arguing that «the sport it’s oblivious to everything.»
We’re talking about sports here, not politics. We know about the situation between Iran and America, but in two three months everything can change. Qatar is the only country to host the 2022 World Cup»

This would be controlling the wave of comment that Mexico would be the savior of the 2-year-old world cup. For its part the same organization as the country have not been present in this situation so apparently there would be no problem with headquarters. The candidacy of the Middle East country was criticized from the outset, when it was announced that it would indeed be responsible for hosting the world-class fair several confederations raised their voices because they felt that it was not a good decision, in addition to adding speculations that they had secured the headquarters after a series of corrupt acts. Things did not change and continued to generate controversy when it was agreed to move the date, as regularly a World Cup takes place in the months of June and July but in the face of the high temperatures of Qatar in summer it was decided that it will be played in November and December altering tod leagues in the world. 
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