translated from Spanish: Sterilization, the way to end the abandonment of dogs and cats

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Sterilization of dogs and cats is the most appropriate way to reduce the amount of animals in a situation of abandonment that roam and suffer in the streets, explained Mario Sauceda, in charge of the Free Sterilization Module in Guasave.Also it detailed that more than three years after this benefit had arrived, the change that had been generated by the work done in the Free Sterilization Module, which was the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, was already noticeable. The vet doctor said this allows low-income pet owners, who could hardly afford the actual price of this surgery, to access it. This prevents the reproduction of animals.

Every day it is between 15 and 20 pets that are surgically involved so that they can no longer reproduce. From two months the animal can be operated, it only needs to be taken to the module located in the Town Hall, next to the Directorate of Civil Protection and Alcohols.
From the age of two months, it is to bring it fasting, free of ticks and that do not come in trouble or breastfeeding, in the case of adult dogs.» 

The doctor explained that the surgery is quick and usually has no complications. He also said that only in case they do not have anesthesia is the animal manager asked to carry the material, which costs between 80 and 100 pesos. «The service is given free of charge to those who come, the only thing is that when we run out of anesthesia to not stop working we explain to the responsible of the pet that he has the option to bring us the dose of anesthesia, which is not really very expensive , costs between 80 and 100 pesos, and we operate on your pet. There are people who do accept, especially those who value their animals, but there are people who prefer to wait and in those cases we also respect the decision made by the owner.» Natural cycle
The specialist explained that contrary to the way in which hu-hands are the dogs and cats do not need to have children. 
It is not necessary that the animal has already had offspring, they do not have sex for pleasure, in them it is a natural cycle; they also don’t feel the desire to have children.»

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