translated from Spanish: They save young man from burning to death after heavy crash in Culiacan

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- At 3:25 am the report of a burning car was given by the boulevar Sánchez Alonso and Diego Valadez in the Tres Ríos sector in which five young people were traveling who were rescued by a couple passing through the place of the eventsToyota Camrry of Toyota Camrry of red color led by 19-year-old Herson, who was saved from being burned to death thanks to the timely help of a couple who decided to help get the young man out of the unit as he was unconscious and the car was starting to burn. The young man later thanked him for saving him from dying.

Paramedics came to the distress call at the Enrique Sánchez Alonso Boulevard. They save young people from burning to death after heavy clash in Culiacán, Sinaloa, on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. Photo: El Debate (Luis Pérez)

Three Red Cross units arrived at the site providing first aid to two young men and three women, who were taken to a hospital for recovery, were the most beatenA fire unit arrived to stifling the flames.

Fire men from Culiacán ahave arson caused by a heavy crash against a wall. Photo: El Debate (Luis Pérez)

The car was driving from East to Weston along Diego Valdez Boulevard; he does not stop at the Sánchez Alonso and crashes head-on against concrete wall where a mural of Rotarians is located.

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