translated from Spanish: Metro Attacks: Prosecutor’s office reports that two arrested for damage and fire at San Pablo station

The Public Prosecutor’s Office Centre And the Investigation Police reported that two subjects were arrested in the context of the fire investigation and damage to San Pablo station (lines 1 and 5) that occurred last Saturday, October. Both defendants are expected to spend Friday’s day at their respective detention checkpoint.
As they explained from the Central Northern Prosecutor’s Office to Radio Bío Bío, these are two defendants of legal age who would have committed different crimes at very similar times that Saturday. One of them is charged with the crime of arson, while the other is held liable for damages. According to the review of the Fifth Normal Fire Corps, known this week, the accident began in a warehouse on the premises, where wooden plates were stored that they used to protect the station in case of demonstrations.
In addition, a fire-carrying element was used in the fire, with no accelerant presence, “and quickly spreads vertically into the false sky of the structure and channeling of electrical networks. Product of the design and structure of the roof and helped by the wind, a rapid propagation to the entire structure of the station is initiated”.
The Station San Pablo on line 5 was reopened last Monday, December 30 after being closed by the destruction caused after the start of the social outburst. From Metro they emphasized that the station on Line 1 will only be available in April 2020, so that no combinations can be made between the two lines.

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