translated from Spanish: ECHR official exhibits Toño Ixtlahuac handing out toys

Morelia, Michoacán.- Former priist Antonio Ixtláhuac Orihuela took a tour of marginalized colonies of Morelia, to deliver balls to low-income children, but Gerardo Andrés Herrera Pérez’s company, coordinator of studies, outreach and training of the State Commission on Human Rights in Michoacán (ECHR) was what caught the eye.
The eCHR official, in posts made on his social media accounts, omitted Ixtlahuac Orihuela’s company and limited himself to his figure from the point of view as a representative of the «Autonomous Organization».

In a text Gererdo Herrera thanks those who participated, and merely named Antonio Ixtlahuac as «Toño», thus leaving the expriist excluded.
However, Ixtlahuac Orihuela on his social media accounts if he posted the images where he observes both «Toño» and Gerardo Herrera handing out «together» balls and toys to children.

While there is no political party to officially shelter Ixtlahuac Orihuela, the entrepreneur has been very active from an independent role to have meetings with leaders of Elba Esther’s party, the Green Environmentalist and even with Morena characters.
It should be remembered that Gerardo Herrera participated as a candidate for the Senate for the Green Ecologist of Mexico in the last elections.

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