translated from Spanish: Intense search begins for the young Braulio Dario in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- After the call for help made by the young Braulio Darío Ibarra Navarro to the Sinaloens to help locate him, the State Search Commission initiated this task. This young man is from the state of Guanajuato and disappeared on July 2 last year while transiting the road from Jalisco to Guanajuato. He was driving a private transport service vehicle, and the unit has not been located either. On social media, his mom shared a photograph of a young man who was lying asleep on a sidewalk. She explained that the image was sent to the family, and she is sure it is her son. Everything indicates that the young man was lying in front of an establishment of the Civil Pantheon of this capital city. 

Having contact with Braulio Darío’s mother, state search commission staff took to the streets to try to find him. Juan Carlos Saavedra, owner of this body, accompanied by at least ten people, went to the Civil Pantheon to carry out research work through several streets in the surrounding area. One of the first people interviewed outside the cemetery claimed that the young man he saw on the sleeping wheel had worked in a nearby establishment.

The image of Braulio Darío is through several streets of the city. Photo: The Debate

When questioning one of the workers in the appointed business, he said that he had worked there, but the person he met told him that his name was Michel and that he was from this state. Comparing the image of the young man lying on the sidewalk with that of Braulio Dario shared by the family, he expressed that it could be the same, without securing anything, because the young man who worked with him was thinner. The work
Search Commission brigade personnel hit fliers on several poles and facades of some establishments. He also attended the community dining room of Iglesia del Carmen, the bridges located on The Achilles Serdán Avenue and the Island of Orabá, around what was the Hospital del Carmen, as well as the Libertad colony, where according to people interviewed he was they were seen, but they couldn’t locate him. The search will continue this Friday and people who have some information are called to speak to 667 184 12 56, which is from the Search Commission.

The family thinks this young man asleep on a sidewalk is Darius. Photo: The Debate

Through social media this young man’s mother has expressed the terrible pain she has suffered all this time without knowing of her whereabouts. At the time it is unknown whether the young man who was photographed asleep is Braulio Darius because some people compared that image to that of the family doubted that it was. Some people said they haven’t seen the young man on the sidewalk since the Day of the Dead, others that for a week. 

According to some testimonies, the health of the young man who slept on the sidewalk deteriorates more and more, loses weight very quickly, and wears very dirty clothes and walks as homeless. 

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