translated from Spanish: New program for sport has 407 mdp; baseball will take precedence

In 2020 407 million pesos will be allocated to implement for the first time the program “Physical Education of Excellence” that is focused on promoting the practice of walking, boxing and especially baseball, the favorite sport of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
According to the “Goals, Indicators and Targets for Budget Programme Results” in the 2020 budget, sport had a budget increase in the two existing programmes: Attention to Sport, with 674 million pesos, and the Physical Culture and Sport Programme, with 2.110 million pesos, plus the creation of a third.
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The newly created program aims to “grant greater access to physical education, physical literacy and academic-sports training activities, oriented to baseball, boxing and walking, to promote its integral development and the achievement of excellence in those disciplines through the program”.
However, the momentum of the three activities is not equitable. Baseball will have six actions: support for baseball-focused social development, provided to schools, clubs, groups, organizations, associations and individuals; comprehensive academic-sports evaluation, mentoring, training, promotion, development and technical advice services, on a social basis for the general population with a focus on baseball.
It is also planned only for baseball to hold sessions for the comprehensive program of academic-technical tutoring and adult social training; the empowerment of regional schools; holding sessions for the detection, evaluation and classification of baseball talents for the general population of 9 years and more through regional call events and direct support for the discipline.
While the walk will have five actions and box four, but none include enabling new schools, technical training, or early talent detection.
For the walk, “discipline competences for the benefit of the general population for their technical development” are envisaged; supports for the population enrolled in walking schools; integration of folders for the implementation of competencies for the benefit of the technical development of the discipline.
Receiving proposals to support the population enrolled in the walking schools and the integration of the pattern of beneficiaries of the discipline.
For box there will be discipline clinics-tournaments for the benefit of girls, boys, youth and adults for their academic-sports training; support for the discipline of boxing for the benefit of girls, boys, young people and adults, public institutions as well as those organizations that promote, protect and protect for the development of boxing granted.
Also the validation of requests for support in the discipline of boxing and integration of folders derived from the implementation of clinical-tournaments for the benefit of their academic-sports training.
The program of “Physical culture and sport” will almost double its budget, it had in 2019 158 million pesos and by 2020 it will have 2 billion pesos.
This program is focused on “improving the quality of life of Mexicans”, where the basis for the practice of sport will be physical activation in educational spaces “that will serve as catalysts as part of a comprehensive and excellent education”.
While the “Attention to Sport” program, dedicated to supporting high-performance athletes, will be 674 million pesos, 15% more than in 2019, when it had 560 million pesos.
It is dedicated to enabling high-performance athletes to occupy the facilities and services of the National Commission on Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE) to achieve greater regional, continental and international achievements for Mexico.
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