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Taretan, Mich.- Eight injured was the result of a strong clash between a van and a Minivan registered on the highway «Siglo XXI», at the height of this municipality of Taretan, according to the data obtained in the journalistic work. The injured were quickly channeled to a hospital in Uruapan.
On the case it was possible to know in the coverage of the facts that the misate went at the height of kilometer 1+500, where the paramedics of Municipal Civil Protection, Rescue and Rescue, Civil Protection of the State and the Medical Emergency Regulatory Center and the Medical Emergency Regulatory Center to address the emergency. Elements of the Federal Police security division were responsible for flagging the area.
In this tenor, it was known that the vehicles involved in the mishap were a red Cherokee van, which ended up overturned and a grey Minivan. The feds made the respective expertise to determine responsibilities and in the end the motors were towed by cranes to be taken to an official corralon.
It also transcended that among the injured are Filiberto H., 43 years old; Gabriel G., 11; Matías M., 56 years old; Liz H., 3 years old; Marlene H., 8 years old; Light H., 3 years old: Olga M., 41, and Carlos Z., 36. Police sources did not detail which of the units each of the victims were in.
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