translated from Spanish: Manta rays injure at least three bathers on Stone Island

Mazatlan.- In different events, three bathers who were in the beach area of Isla de la Piedra were injured by manta rays, so they asked for support from elements of the Water Rescue Squadron of the Municipal Police, who gave them the first aid. At 13:20 hours, the first case was recorded.

On a surveillance tour, a person approached the lifeguard to point out that there was a bather with a right foot injury, at the height of the big toe. Clemente de Jesús «N», 43, from Guanajuato, received a first attention and was transferred to the main jetty to go to the Red Cross. support after being stung by a sting. She identified herself as 57-year-old Silvia «N», originally from Torreón, Coahuila, who was attended to at the scene of the incident.

Manta ray injury. Source: Courtesy

Finally, at 15:28 hours a bather from Mexico City who was also in the same place, presented an injury for the same cause. Mijael «N», 26, from Mexico City, was also taken to the jetty to go to medical services in the city.

Original source in Spanish

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