translated from Spanish: Morelia City Council conducted a tour of supervision in works of the Estate of Trenches of Morelos

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement, the Government of Morelia and officials and members of the Social Comptroller’s Committee, formed in the Trincheras de Morelos Expansion polygon, took a tour of the works that are built in area.
Through the actions of the Urban Improvement Program (PMU), the Secretariat for Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), works such as the renovation of Miguel Lerdo de Tejada street, two linear parks, one in Cenobio Paniagua street and another in Battle of Tixtla, as well as the sports space and Public Square «Toma de Oaxaca».
In the estate of Trincheras de Morelos, these works are located, which today were supervised by representatives of the Ministry of Urbanism and Public Works (SUOP) and SEDATU, as well as by inhabitants living in this area, who are part of the Committee, who are part of the Committee, who are part of the Committee, who are part of the Committee, who are part of the Committee, who are progress was made and they presented their impressions of the various road and urban improvement actions that are being developed.
In addition to the construction of public spaces and sports, the renovation of the Miguel Lerdo de Tejada street is implemented, which will consist of the paving of hydraulic concrete, floated concrete sidewalks with ramps, camel, bollards, plateaus, trees and corkscrews, as well as improved drinking water network and drainage.

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