translated from Spanish: Prepa 7 students stand still and demand deal with Rectory

The dialogue table held this January 10 among students who keep Prepa 7, Ezequiel A. Chávez, and school authorities failed, so the campus will remain out of classes. The meeting did not attend the interim director, but only university representatives, so the young people decided that they want contact directly with Rectory.
At 10 a.m. the meeting was quoted at the Post Age. Inside there were just under 100 young people, who were not hooded: the rule was that to sit and talk you had to show your face. Outside, representatives of the general management of the National Preparatory School (ENP), the campus, the attorney general of UNAM, the human rights defender’s office and the Unit for the Care of Complaints (UNAD).
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The dialogue began with testimonies from students against their teachers: some anonymous read by peers, others with a lively voice. The litany lasted more than an hour and included about 20 teachers. The one who has touched students in the darkroom while revealing photos; the one who asks the girls in skirt to sit ahead; who is pointed out as homophobic because gay students have been asked if they have already had “the jarocha” (sex-change operation), to change their name; the one who is racist; The one who says that women only serve to have children; the one that charges for class materials; the one who asks for money when someone is going to fail…
The university representatives took notes and thanked the boys for their bravery. But they insisted on what has been the institutional stance: that formal complaints are needed. Before which, the young men complained that they did not take the allegations or nothing happened with them.
One of the points required in this Prepa, as in others, is the dismissal of lawyers from the legal area. Just this Friday UNAM told them that they had already been departed from office, even though it had previously been said that no dismissal could be made while the school was taken.
The accusations of the young people came up to the then director, María del Carmen Rodríguez Quilantán. One girl told her that when she organized a “clothesline” with photos and complaints from the teachers, tired of her ever doing anything against them, the Management sent her to tell her to leave the activism, or risked definitively losing her place in UNAM. Another young woman recounted that she belongs to a sports group and that when in 2018 a movement was organized against the presence of joints at the University, the principal told them, “They will need to calm others,” and tried to pressure them to violent other students, but they did not agree.
Another point of the student request specification is directly against the former principal and her entire team. The stoppage at Prepa 7 began on November 19, just the day when a tern ate would be presented to elect new principal or principal of the school, in which Rodríguez Quilantán could be signed for a new period. This process was interrupted and the office of the directive ended on 13 December, so an interim was appointed. According to university law, she could be the dean professor of the Internal Council, or the secretary general, Diana Labastida, considered a kind of deputy director, who was the one who stayed in office and that the non-conforming students reject.
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After more than four hours of starting the table, in which authorities offered to raise new complaints, because if not, there would be no cessation of teachers on the presumption of innocence, and the students remained distrustful of the lack of attention they have felt towards these cases, the dialogue was lifted.
The students who keep Prepa 7 made public a letter in which they responded to the statements made a day earlier by the rector Enrique Graue, failing to stop at the arrest in Prepas 7 and 9 and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and invited him to directly engage in a dialogue with the student community, in the face of the inability of the authorities of each campus to resolve the conflict.
“In case Dr. Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers rejects or is simply absent at this dialogue table, he will demonstrate his disinterest in the problems of the student community,” they said.

UNAM did not issue any pronouncement on Friday’s failed dialogue in Prepa 7, which added to the lack of agreements on Thursday in Prepa 9, a week after they had to restart classes.
In Philosophy and Letters it will be until Wednesday 15 January when there is a new meeting between authorities and paristas to try to reach a solution to reopen the Faculty.
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