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Three senior officials from the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited Sinaloa: the Secretary of Finance, the Secretary of Communications and Transport and the director of the Economic Culture Fund. The first and third were in Mazatlan, the second in Los Mochis, and only the second in the three Sinapeople cities. What is relevant is that the three officials are undoubtedly from the president’s closest collaborators. The novelist Paco Ignacio Taibo is one of the intellectuals who have followed López Obrador for many years. Ideological identification has long data. The Secretary of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera, came into the release of Carlos Urzúa and has managed to maintain financial stability despite external financial and economic pressures. The Secretary of Communications and Transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú is a very distinguished UNAM engineer, suffice it to remember that he was in charge of re-establishing telecommunications after the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City and being responsible for the construction of the University Cultural Center, starting with the sculptural space and the Sala Nezahualcóyotl. In the current government, he has been in charge of dealing with the dissent for the non-construction of the Texcoco airport, the beginning of the work of St. Lucia and the Maya Train project. As you can see, all three officials are in the president’s first circle. All three of them were in Sinaloa. They’re here to start public infrastructure works. To meet with the captains of the industry in the state. Sinaloa gave a sample of how the federal and state government can cohabit politically and act for the benefit of the public. Beyond partisan philia. Culture, the mazatlan book fair, infrastructure in Los Mochis and Mazatlan, concerted with the private economic sector in Culiacán. See two of Sinaloa’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Leovigildo Carranza, Sinaloa’s tuna and industrializer of Mexican fish, and Jesús Vizcarra, Sinaloa’s wealthiest farmer, Mexican agricultural industrialist and former gubernatorial candidate, one on each side of the state president and secretary of the Treasury, shows how economic power is beyond parties, elections or election preferences. Theirs is business. Of course, doing something else can always be an alternative. For example, friendly readers, surfing is an alternative sporting activity to the activities of teacher, civil servant and editorialist. Others get golf. Someone may want to do or repeat some other activity. This is the case of the Tuna Carranza, has been looking to consolidate in the hotel sector. Perhaps the farmer Vizcarra decides to venture now into, for example, culture, is already supporting higher and higher middle education in the UAS since the presidency of the Consultative Council of Social Linking.paragraphS: OF THE JABON TRASTE IN THE
At the beginning of the year, there is a memory of everyday life. That every day goes in coincidence of each other. That’s there and we don’t remember that it’s always next door. In each house there is a kitchen. It can be a home or just a room. But there will always be a sink where the frets are washed, many or few. Depending on how many live there, and what conditions you live in. For example, student departments sometimes only have glasses to wash, much at most a multipurpose frying pan. Same with singles departments. Or young couples where the two work. There are also the homes where young couples or a couple of seniors start. Households with children, parents and domestic workers always have trajín in the sink. In each case the number of frets used varies. But what is always a fact is that there is a sink and a fret for the soap. That utensil, the same, has been accompanying the different houses since 1999. However, one of these was recently sought for a new study. The usual when you take care of something domestic, because it is to go to the supermarket to look for it. In this case, the fret for the soap from the sink. An odyssey began. He walked through the aisle of plastic containers. It wasn’t found. The dependent in charge of that department was asked, the answer was: because in my house I washed a can of cream and there we put the soap to wash the laundry. Arriving at the box with the incomplete purchase, because the indicated utensil was not found, the cashier was asked, his answer was: in my house I put a plastic container to which the lid was lost. Another cashier came up and commented: I have a margarine boat that I washed with hot water. The supervisor approached and said she put up a small plastic box where she kept the bottle pacifies, once her girl stopped using them. At that time we thought of the boat that had been accompanying, for almost twenty years, the scrubbers and it could not be remembered what had been its initial function. So he went to grab a plastic container, had a lid, but when he got to the studio, he was kept in some kitchen drawer and became the soap fret in the sink. Some drawer, he hasn’t been

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